Today National Tomorrow NATO

Project: Future Community Leaders
August 21, 2017
October 27, 2017

The Center for Economic Policy, Analysis and Consulting (CEPAC) believes that the university students being the new leaders need to gain more knowledge regarding the alliance and get more familiar with its goals, achievements and future challenges. Thus, with a target audience of 50 students from private universities in Macedonia, studying journalism and political studies CEPAC with a co-sponsorship by NATO PDD is organizing the seminar “Today national, tomorrow NATO leaders”. This is an especially important target group taking into account that they will be the future leaders of our nation and having a clear vision about NATO will be very essential. The seminar will take place in hotel Continental 18 th – 19 th of October in Skopje.

The goal of this seminar will be to inform the future political leaders and journalists what the NATO open door policy means, what will be our country’s benefits if we become part of NATO and what we can do for NATO in return, as it’s a two-way street. Being briefed by high officials, former and present and experienced people in this field, the students will have an opportunity to gain first hand information and learn from the best. They will learn about NATO’s cooperation with partners and its future challenges, why NATO is important for Macedonia and how Macedonia can contribute to NATO. By meeting experts, learning about tactics and getting familiar with NATO this seminar will be of great use for our target audience. However, besides the main focus being on the students, considering the planned media coverage we aspire on delivering the messages and information on the whole nation