Today National Tomorrow NATO
September 21, 2017
“Work locally, act nationally, think globally”
May 3, 2018

In the period 18 th - 19 th of October, 2017 in Hotel Continental in Skopje, the Center for Economic Policy, Analysis and Consulting (CEPAC) in cooperation with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division organized the seminar "Today National, Tomorrow NATO Leaders" , in which the participants were 50 students from some of the private universities in the country.

The aim of the seminar "Today National, Tomorrow NATO Leaders" was to increase the knowledge of the participants regarding NATO as an international political military organization by speaking on everal topics like the values ​​of the Alliance, the NATO Open Door Policy and the positive influence of future membership of the Republic of Macedonia in NATO.

At this two-day seminar, the speakers were Dr. Trajan Gocevski, the first Minister of Defense of Republic of Macedonia, Lieutenant General Miroslav Stojanovski, former Chief of General Staff, Dimitar Belchev, former diplomat of the Mission of the Republic of Macedonia in the European Union, Ms Vesna Popovska Secretary General at International Vision University, representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and via Skype Dr. Petr Lunak, Deputy Head of the Engagement Section at NATO Public Diplomacy Division.

In front of the students, these renowned lecturers addressed topics related to: strengthening the partnership with NATO, costs and benefits from NATO membership, NATO's Open Door Policy, Euro-Atlantic integration of the Republic of Macedonia - future challenges, creating future young professionals, legal aspects as part of hybrid warfare and social and media expansion.

The mission of the Center for Economic Policy, Analysis and Consulting (CEPAC) is to provide basis for creating public awareness and offering perspectives and solutions aimed at decision-makers and the general public through high quality research and suggestions regarding policy and economic topics.

Through policy advice, consulting services and training, CEPAC aims to offer answers to new political, economic, security, geopolitical and societal challenges, as well as to influence the creation of the national perspective internationally. In the future CEPAC will continue to work on the realization of trainings, seminars and other types of projects which offer concepts for acquiring new skills and knowledge in dealing with contemporary challenges and policy making in every area of ​​society with a special emphasis on the integration of the Republic of Macedonia into NATO and the EU, which is a top priority of Republic of Macedonia.